Sweat Proof - Water Proof- Life Proof Eyeliner

The Procedure

After the numbing agent that is applied to the eyelids takes effect, a color will be chosen for the eyeliner. First, the application of the top eyeliner is applied. The first line is applied in-between the eyelashes so there is not a gap between the eyelashes and the eyeliner line, the following lines will be applied above the eyelashes. Once we are finished with the top we will begin on the bottom. A thin line will be applied right under the wetline. When the bottom line is finished we are done and I will apply the A&D ointment.

Appointment Information This procedure includes a phone consultation, the initial application of Top and Bottom and one Touch-Up (the touch-up must be completed within 30-60 days of the initial visit)

Length of Initial Visit: 2hrs 

The Benefits

There are so many great reasons to get your eyeliner tattooed. My favorite is that each morning I get up looking fabulous without having to do anything at all. Permanent eyeliner is especially handy on hot sweaty summer days in Arizona. Utilizing a technique that only follows your natural eye line, this provides a vibrant and noticeably more beautiful appearance to your eyes. Your eyelashes will also benefit from this, it will make them appear longer and darker because the eyeliner will start in-between your eyelashes not above. Individuals who suffer from significant allergies typically must wipe off and reapply eyeliner all day long. But if eyeliner is tattooed, a perfect looking eyeliner is achievable throughout the day regardless of the situation. For many people as they age their hands become shaky and their eyesight begins to decline which can make it almost impossible to apply eyeliner. With permanent makeup you can have the look of professionally applied makeup every day.