Professional Looking Eyebrows Are Only A Phone Call Away

The Procedure 

The procedure will begin with the application of a numbing agent on the eyebrows. Once the numbing agent has taken affect, the grooming and shaping process begins. The eyebrows are drawn on, no stencils are utilized in the process. Once you are satisfied with the shape I will then mix up a custom pigment color to match your hair color. After you approve the color we will begin the procedure. During the eyebrow procedure you will have to lay down and sit up a few times, this is so I can make sure your eyebrows are being applied correctly since your face does look different from a laying/sitting/standing position. Once I believe we are done I will let you take one last look before I put on the A&D ointment. 

Appointment Information This procedure includes a phone consultation, grooming and shaping of the eyebrows, the initial application and one touch-up (the touch-up must be completed within 30-60 days of the initial visit)

Length of Initial Visit: 2.5-3hrsThe shaping and grooming can take almost as long as the actual tattoo

The Benefits

There are many benefits of having cosmetic tattooed eyebrows. If your eyebrow hair is thinning or is gone, the hair stroke technique will provide shaped eyebrows even if you currently have little to no eyebrow hair. If your eyebrows are not symmetrical or if you have lost your arch, having them tattooed on will solve those issues. Elevation of the eyebrow arch will provide lift to areas of the face that tend to gravitate downwards as we age, therefore providing a natural youthful appearance. One of the most significant attributes to having this process performed is the amount of time it will save each and every day from the countless hours spent shaping and grooming your eyebrows.